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The Gotcha SprayerTM is an adaptor that enables you to attach and trigger virtually any type of aerosol can from the end of an extension pole. The Gotcha Sprayer is the ultimate wasp killer. Simply attach virtually any wasp killer spray, attach to an extension pole and you're ready to spray the hornet wasp nests.

Applications include:
- Wasp and Hornet Spray
- Smoke Detector Tester
- Pruning Compound
- Spray Paint
- Aerosol Window Cleaner
- And many more...


* Reduce the risk of ladder injuries
* Access hard-to-reach areas
* Reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals
* Reduce chemicals in the environment
* Less expensive
* Saves time
* Best value on the market
* Reduce the risk of being stung
Gotcha Sprayer wasp killer for spraying hornet wasp spray

Gotcha Sprayer adaptor

Item Number:  GS0104

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The Gotcha Sprayer adaptor is great for everyday use, but if you are looking for a more commercial version of the Gotcha Sprayer adaptor that can also work with our Powder Duster, please checkout the Gotcha Sprayer Pro adaptor or our combination deals on our All Products page.


If you have your own extension pole, the Gotcha Sprayer is the perfect way to spray aerosol cans. Simply insert a can of aerosol spray, attach the Gotcha Sprayer to an extension pole (each sold separately) and you're ready to spray. The Gotcha Sprayer will work with any standard aerosol spray can. No need to use a stepladder to reach those high areas. The Gotcha Sprayer is a better way to spray.

Homeowners: Use the Gotcha Sprayer for spraying wasp nests, hornet nests, and yellow jacket nests. Works with any aerosol insecticide. The Gotcha Sprayer can be angled to spray those hard-to-reach areas. It's worth the price to not have to pull out the ladder or climb up on the roof to reach those high areas. 

Read the label on the wasp and hornet sprays: some say they damage siding, shingles, and/or shrubs. Position the Gotcha Sprayer right in front of the target. No more messy overspray on the house or windows. 

Minimize the overspray getting on your face and in your eyes. Use it once and you'll go looking for wasp nests to spray. Revenge is sweet! For removing wasp nests or removing hornet nests, check out the wasp nest scraper below. 

The Gotcha Sprayer is also great for spraying window cleaner. It makes the job of window cleaning so much easier. 

The Gotcha Sprayer also works very well for spray painting. 

The Gotcha Sprayer can attach to extension poles up to 24ft long to reach those high eaves. No more climbing on ladders to reach those high peaks. It can be angled to reach under decks without having to crawl in the dirt or getting trapped in tight spaces. Spray wasp nests, hornet nests, and yellow jacket nests with any standard wasp and hornet spray. 

It can also be used with powder dusters for removing carpenter bees. Simply secure our powder duster to the Gotcha Sprayer and extend the extension pole and pull the cord to compress the powder duster. 

For removing wasp nests or removing hornet nests, check out our complete combination packages for spraying and scraping off the nests. Use the Gotcha Sprayer to spray wasp and hornet spray around bleachers, picnic areas, concession stands, public restrooms, boat docks, barns and out buildings. Position the spray directly in front of the target area and minimize the amount of spray that gets on the surrounding areas and into the environment. For removing wasp nests and hornet nests, check out our wasp nest scraper below. 

The Gotcha Sprayer is great for testing and certifying commercial smoke detectors. Simply secure a can of Smoke Detector Tester to the Gotcha Sprayer, attach an extension pole and you're ready to go. The Gotcha Sprayer works with extension poles up to 24ft long. Easily reach 3-story lobby smoke detectors. There is nothing easier for testing smoke alarms. The Gotcha Sprayer is designed for smoke detector testing. 

Use the Gotcha Sprayer for spraying pruning compound on freshly cut limbs and branches. Reduce the risk of insect infestation. Use the Gotcha Sprayer for spray painting tree branches and marking the ones that need to be cut. The Gotcha Sprayer connector only works with extension poles with a standard American threaded tip. Please email us for questions regarding European orders.

The Gotcha Sprayer can be used to spray the following aerosol cans:

Wasp and Hornet Spray, Window Cleaner, Spray Paint, Base Strip (baseboard cleaner and stripper), Vandal Mark Remover, Smoke Alarm Tester (aerosol cans of smoke)...and many more.



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